Waterproof Smartphone Case


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Key Features...
  • Waterproof smartphone case fully protects your phone against water, dust, and sand
  • Designed to hold 6.0-Inch smartphones
  • Conveniently carry it around your neck while traveling around
  • Waterproof up to depths of 10m

Waterproof Smartphone Case

Protect your iOs or Android phone with this waterproof smartphone case. This waterproof bag for your smartphone protects your devices for a 100% against water, dust, and sand. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to carry along your cell phone anywhere you go. Whether you spend a day at the beach, go out mountain biking on muddy roads, or ski high up in the mountains – this waterproof smartphone bag will keep your phone dry at all times.

Thanks to its convenient design, this smartphone accessory can be carried around your neck. This allows you to easily take along your cell phone anywhere you go. The case is waterproof up to depths of 10m. This means that you’ll even be able to use it while scuba diving or swimming. Simply slide in your phone, close the locks, and you’re all safe to go. It has been designed to hold larger sized 6.0-Inch smartphones. For those of you that spend plenty of time in the outdoors, this smartphone case is the ultimate phone accessory.

This smartphone accessory comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

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